I’ve planned my outside session dates for September and October now that I have a good idea of how I will juggle three high schooler’s fall sports schedules and a toddler at home :)  As you can imagine… there are not very many dates available, so please go ahead and get your fall family sessions booked as soon as possible.

You may have read in an earlier blog but unless it was already booked and on the schedule or planned into a Baby’s 1st Year package, fall is now the only time I will be shooting family sessions.  I do recommend at least an hour session for families with children.  Keep in mind that with family sessions, we can mix up the time a bit, with some of the family, some of just mom & dad and some of just the children as time permits.


1 hour session rates Mon-Fri are $150.  Saturday & Sunday’s are $170.

30 minute sessions Mon-Fri are $75.  Saturday and Sunday’s are $95.

Session fee is paid in advance to hold your time/date reserved and will be invoiced via Paypal once we have agreed on a date/time/location.  Session reservations can only be held for 24 hours without payment.

Each session includes session time and talent only.  Prints are purchased separately.  Print orders over $100 come with a disc of images with a print release.


To Book Your Session, click here




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We’ve returned from vacation and it was very enjoyable for me! I crammed all 6 of us into a small hotel room in Charleston where my teenagers were forced to communicate with each other. It was a great bonding time for us to say the least! It really was nice to reconnect with each other for a few days. Between our work schedules and the kids social lives, it leaves little room for us all to be together.

My oldest child will be a senior this year.  There is so much to do and plan for regarding his future.  Supporting him on increasing his GPA, watching his sporting events during his last year of HS and visiting colleges will be at the top of my priority list… so my personal schedule will be much busier than my professional one.  And a costly one.

Over the past 10 days, I’ve reflected and sought guidance on something that has really been weighing heavily on me. I feel that sometimes I let my business control me instead of the other way around. When starting this business a few years ago, my 5 year goal was (and still is) to specialize only on maternity-5 years of age. I was to avoid weddings like the plague. But over the past years, I have done everything from weddings & families to pet portraits. I’ve enjoyed them all and I have loved the relationships I’ve been able to build through these. But sometimes things just don’t touch you the way other things do. I have found that maybe I do like weddings after all and I remain in love with the innocence of a child. The way they play. The way they love. They way they smile and the way they stare. Becoming anything in life requires testing the waters…and I have. I have decided to move into the direction of my 5 year plan with a few changes. So, in all of my reflecting…I’ve decided that I need to make some big adjustments to the business side of my life. As of January 1st 2015, my studio will be closing for  at least 1 year.  Studio sessions simply were not generating enough money to continue affording the costly expense of operating a commercial space.  This coupled with the fact that I adore natural light sessions, just makes the most sense for me right now and I really am feeling the need to follow my heart.  All sessions will be done outside, inside the home of my clients, in my living room or in a borrowed studio space as needed.  Over time, we will work on building a studio space for me here at home.  Growing pains that will eventually lead to the simplified studio of my dreams.  So I will do it, one board at a time and it will someday be wonderful!  I dream of it being in the center of my “Zehn Garden” that I have planned for since the beginning of all of this. I will no longer offer family sessions, except for in the fall of every year and I will only book boudoir sessions in November and January. I will begin booking engagement sessions and dabble in a few weddings here and there. The remainder of my business life will be focused on bumps and babies under the age of 10. That’s my “Zen”… it’s where my heart is. My best work resides there.

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Building this website & blog has been a big fat source of stress and frustration for me.  I am a photographer…not a web designer.  After looking at costly options of hiring someone to do this for me, I decided to take a week of vacation time and get this dreaded task removed from my to-do list.  But it coming together, slowly but surely.  Did I say slowly?  Yes…at a snail’s pace.

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