Anything less than the best is a felony….

I look back at photos from Christmas morning back when I was in high school and while I like to think it was like yesterday, it wasn’t.  Not even close…   That Vanilla Ice CD was at the top of my Christmas list.  That was in the early 1990’s… CD’s were the thing to have.  At the time, CD’s were used for music only.  If you would have told me then that someday my photos would be stored on them, I would have thought you were crazy.  I guess the technology was there, but in my house that just didn’t exist.  Our pictures were printed or found on a negative shoved in an envelope at the back of a photo album, or in a shoebox somewhere.  Our movies that we owned were on VHS.   As I type this, I am still trying to figure out how I went from loving Motley Crue, Skid Row and Aerosmith to wanting a Vanilla Ice CD, but whatever… Let’s fast forward 25 YEARS to 2015.  Let’s face it, CD’s are becoming the new “old” way of doing things.  Most music is downloaded now and Apple laptops are no longer made with a disc drive.  This should tell you something…. CD’s are outdated.  I’ve went back and forth on this issue for a while now.  When my clients purchase digital files to their images, what IS the best way to do this?  There are 3 options: CD’s, USB/Thumb Drives or Digital Downloads.  I will explore briefly each of these and then it will be very clear why I chose the method I did.

CD’s: They can be personalized with logos or pictures, but other than that…they are dangerous.  They are easily broken, scratched or damaged.  Their life expectancy even when stored properly can be 10-12 years.  Then what?  Everything on it is gone.  GONE.  Let that sink in for a minute…what do YOU have sitting in a drawer on a disc?

USB: It’s been around a while and many have replaced CD’s with USB’s for storing documents and images.  I still don’t trust it.  Especially not after a client of mine had her Birth Story photos completely erased by her unknowing teenage son who needed a thumb drive for school.  And he found one…that one.  He erased everything on it so that his school work could be saved.  Just like that…it was GONE.  Moments that can not be gotten back.  These drives can be damaged and because they are so small, they are very easily misplaced.

Digital Files: With technology being where it is, digital files have been the new way of transferring video and music data in the entertainment world for a while now.  Once the file is transferred, it can be 1. downloaded to numerous devices 2. emailed to unlimited persons 3. saved to an external hard drive 4. printed.  And they are instant!!  No waiting on the mail carrier…

SO…moving forward, I will absolutely no longer burn discs. I feel the technology has become too outdated, especially when my own computer doesn’t even have a drive for them.  All of my purchased digital files will be sent via digital download.  For my clients, this should make you extremely happy!!  Within hours of you purchasing your prints, your digitals are sent.  Waa laa!!  Easy Peasy :)

I will offer USB drives in addition to digital files for special events, such as weddings or upon request.  Until, of course… those are outdated too.

Don’t judge me…. but I STILL know all the lyrics to Ice Ice Baby.


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