A Little About Me…

I thought maybe it would be a good idea to give you all a little insight into who exactly it is behind the lens of Zehn Photography.  I am probably the worlds worst at writing any type of bio or talking about myself, so I will just do this my way.

Here goes nothing….

My name is Yvonne and I am 37 years old… (how did that happen so fast?!)

Happily married with 4 kiddos

My children are 18,15,14 and 3!

I drink coffee at midnight

I burn food when I try to cook

Speaking of burning food, I like burnt bacon

My house is lived in…and is never spotless

I always have laundry to wash

I am low maintenance

I struggled with infertility for 7 years and through the miracle of IVF, our littlest bundle came along.

I am open minded

I am accepting and not judgmental

I like tattoos

Exercise is something I should get more of…and sleep too

My kids are Zach (Z) Ethan (E) Haley (H) and Nolan (N) (now you know where Zehn came from)

I give money and food to homeless people.

I cry when I see someone else cry and at weddings…and at sappy movies

Like many people,life for me has had many bumpy, rocky roads

I like the smell of Lowes, Home Depot and any other hardware store.

In most situations, I will free a bug before I kill it

I am no fan of roller coasters

My Starbucks favorite is a Green Tea Frap

I learn from my mistakes

I think little field mice are cute and it hurts my feelings when our traps catch one

I love older people…ones with lots of wrinkles

Kids make me smile with the things they do and say.

I miss my Memaw…and her fried chicken

I spent an entire summer in a hole during an archeological dig at Old Salem and loved it

I am scared of falling

I avoid negative people and toxic relationships

I am addicted to Etsy….and Ancestry.com

I was born in Flint, MI then grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and later settled in Patrick County, VA

I like the beach but am scared of the ocean

I dance and sing in my car when nobody else is with me

Roller skating is fun

Some of my best friends today are ones I met when I was a child

Drive-In movie theaters are romantic

Babies make my heart smile

I live in the country on 20 acres with a view of the mountains in VA

Our house is really old…but has lots of character

My kids are all kinds of awesome!

Went to college multiple times… my majors have included: Criminal Justice, Massage Therapy, Anthropology & Archeology.  Photography seems to just be a natural gift for me.

I worked in Property Management for 15 years.

I love photography and editing.

I love capturing the innocence of children…

Welcome to my world :)  I hope our paths have the chance to cross someday!



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